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What's our recruitment policy?
Our recruitment policy is simple. We welcome everyone unless someone in the guild objects (with good reasons). Race, class, level and so forth have no bearing during the application process.

How do I apply?

Please read through and agree to our simple set of guild rules before applying. Amicus is a friends guild so we have a process for people who have friends in the guild already, and one for those who don't.

  1. Register on the forums, make sure you verify your email address by clicking on the link in the registration email (you can't post until you do so)
  2. Make a new thread in the appropriate "Application" forum with character information and reason for joining:
  3. Join the appropriate usergroup on the forums via the User CP

Then, if you don't know anyone in Amicus...

  1. Seek out one of the Game Officers in game and we will briefly discuss Amicus with you to ensure a good fit
  2. Once the Game Officer determines that Amicus is what you're looking for, a probationary membership invitation will be extended

If you were invited to join Amicus by one of our members...

  1. Have your friend in Amicus respond to your application thread directly stating endorsement. Your friend must be a non-probationary member of good standing
  2. Contact a Game Officer directly (if we don't get to you first) to obtain full membership immediately

What is the probation period and how long is it?
  • All new recruits will be in probation period for 1-2 weeks.
  • During such time members can contact any officer if he/she has a problem with the new recruit.
  • Game Officers will discuss the complaint and determine action on a case-by-case basis.
  • After the probation period, only serious rules infraction or repeated infractions will result in kicking from the guild. We will try to work things out as much as possible.
  • If you received a reprimand from a Game Officer during your probation period, you will start over and you remain in probation.

What is a member of good standing?
A member of good standing means he or she:
  • has not been reprimanded by a Game Officer recently.
  • is not in probation.

What does it mean to endorse a new member?
Endorsing a new member allows the applicant to, optionally, skip over the brief interview with a Game Officer. The endorsor will act as the mentor for the endorsee on things such as Amicus culture, policies and guidelines. Should problems arise with the endorsee, the Game Officers will first ask the endorsor to "have a talk" with the endorsee to resolve the problems. We find that it's often much better to approach problems this way (as a friend-to-friend talk). By no means this is mandatory for the endorsor, however. Should the endorsor not feel comfortable talking to the endorsee about the problems, the Game Officers will instead.

The endorsor is also in no way responsible for actions conducted by the endorsee. Nonetheless, do not endorse a new member or refer people to Amicus if you do not think the person will fit in well with our culture, unless you are willing to groom such person. It's bad experience for everybody if we ended up having to kick someone out due to misfit.

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