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The Cardinal Rules
  1. Be courteous and respectful to each other. Anyone we recruited should be mature enough to know this is a given.

  2. No begging. Asking politely once or twice is fine, but don't pester people for help continuously.

  3. Keep profanity to a minimal. Here and there is no big deal, we are not prudes here. But constant cursing is not allowed. No degratory or sexual remarks either (innuendos and bad puns are welcomed!) Let's make sure no one's uncomfortable in chat.

  4. Have fun!

While venturing in the virtual worlds
When you are out adventuring, you are essentially a representative of our guild. We want to keep our reputation as a friendly and polite group. Please do everything you can to uphold this.

To put it simply, be courteous and respectful. Do not do anything to others that you will not want them to be doing to you. Use common sense. Whatever you do not do in public in real life, do not do it here. As much as a game this is, you are still dealing with real people with real emotions.

Here are some guidelines:

  1. If it's obvious that someone is attacking a monster, such as weapon drawn or casting a spell facing it, then don't grab it from them. It's common courtesy. If you made a mistake, simply do a bow or apologize and move on. It's only for the best of all because you don't want them to be stealing your mobs either. This is less of an issue for FFXIV since everyone who has dealt enough damage to the mob will get experience points and credit for the kill.

  2. Try not to swear in public, especially in shouts. If you are in an argument with someone and don't want to watch your language, take it to /tell. Similarily, anything that might be considered abusive, degratory or gross, please do so via /tell, even when meant as a joke.

  3. Help out newbies! If they're guildless and would be a good fit for Amicus, invite them to join Amicus.

  4. Have fun!
We can't list them all, so use your judgement and act like a mature individual :)

While on Forums
All chat rules apply, elaborating on rule #1, no flame wars are allowed. If you have a problem with someone, either contact the person directly or contact a Game Officer. If you have a problem regarding Amicus as a whole, feel free to raise the issue in Members Hall, but don't name names as this will raise nothing but flames.

The Long, Windy Version
It's our intention that Amicus be a friendly, drama-free environment and to that end we ask that all of our members observe some basic rules of conduct:
  1. Guild Chat
    Since everyone is plugged into guild chat and can't unplug, as it were, without missing important information about raids, quests and what not, we ask that guild chat remain a pretty tame channel. This means that excessive swearing (we all curse once in a while), explicit talk, and risque topics really don't have a place here. There's no hard and fast rule, and we're not asking that people feel restricted in what they can talk about with friends. Generally speaking, I think everyone knows what is and isn't appropriate, and if you don't, ask someone. Also, if you are having a discussion, and another member or an officer asks you to change topic, please do so. The topic may seem fine, harmless, informative or any number of other things to you, but it may be that someone else doesn't think so. You can make a private chat channel in game with whatever rules you want to discuss whatever you want in whatever terms you want, but guild chat has to be governable. Please also be aware that sometimes the guild is not interested in hearing a step-by-step re-telling of your current quest or whatever it is that you are doing. By all means, share interesting things, but we don't always have to know how many chickens you've killed, or which <insert race> <insert class> in <insert PvP zone> is the most annoying.

  2. General Game Behavior
    Amicus touts itself as a guild of friendly, helpful, decent people. To keep this image up, we ask that our members observe some degree of good behavior in game. This means treating members and non-members with common decency and politeness. You don't have to like everyone, but at least be civil to people you encounter while out in the world and in instances. Also, when making a request of anyone, please remember that you're asking for something. "Please" and "thank you" tacked on to a request do a lot more for getting what you want than commands do. Your <insert parent figure> was right, at least in this case.

  3. Looting
    For the most part, each group sets its own loot rules and that's your business. However, in PUGs and with guildies, please don't assume that you are entitled to any and all loot you want. Check with the party leader for loot rules, and be honest about those things on which you call for. Greed and need are different things. Have respect for your fellow players' needs, too. Different folks have different rules. Be clear about what your group's rules are.

  4. Instance/Quest Help
    We all do a pretty good job of helping one another with quests and instances. However, that it's important to remind people though that you will almost always have better results in getting assistance if you make a post on the forums with the objective and a suggested date and time clearly listed. Sometimes people are busy with other things and can't immediately drop what they're doing to come and help. Doesn't mean we don't want to but if someone just flew all the way from <really far place A> to the <really far place B> (including a wait for the <insert slow transportation>) and is now in the middle of a quest, it's pretty inconvenient for the person to run back to <really far place C> to help with a quest there. Feel free to ask for help any time but try to plan ahead, and don't beg, whine, scream, curse or sulk in chat if you make a request and no one takes you up on it.

  5. Have fun!
    We're all here for this purpose, and we want to make Amicus a great environment in which to do this. We certainly don't want anyone to go, but if you think these rules are too restrictive or just don't want to follow them, you might want to give some thought to finding another guild. We'd rather part amicably (pun intended!).

Written by Covi, when in doubt, blame Covi.

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