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Members of Usergroup: FFXIV Free Company Members
User Name Reverse Sort Order Last Visit WoW Characters BattleTagFFXIV Character
Abanok 3 Weeks Ago
Awenyddion 2 Days Ago
 Awen Felange
Bereaved 07-22-2017
 Bereaved Arkist
busterblue 08-25-2013  Therman Mermen
Coralee N/A
 Coralee Pandemona
Covi 08-07-2016
elisabetha 02-19-2013  Willow Starsong
Finti333 1 Week Ago  Noa Sativa
Future European 01-20-2014  Sedan Ronso
Kalagrim 07-16-2017
 Kal Tellerium
Killrathe 03-30-2017  Sanguine Killrathe
lemianluc 10-14-2013  Lemian Luc
Maisson 08-02-2015
 Maisson Storm
Mei 09-30-2010  Mei Hem
Perin 09-20-2013  Perin Nidelos
Qiarel 05-02-2014  Qiarel Lunali
Ricecake 08-29-2013  Ricecake June
Scolcee 11-25-2013
 Sophie Lhant
Sethryn 01-07-2015  Sterr Fryn
smuffles 10-16-2013  Smuffles Jalian
vasek 09-13-2013  Vasek Su'na
Zigouille 06-19-2017  Zigouille Batiste
Showing results 1 to 22 of 22

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